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I believe we need to know ourselves on the deepest level in order to have a balanced and harmonious life. I believe that all of us should be living our healthiest life.

Hi, I’m Jackie.

Food and nutrition have always been a passion of mine, but this love affair took off in my early twenties. I had suffered from chronic sinus infections most of my adolescent life, and ovarian cysts became routine as a young adult. I knew this wasn’t normal!

As fate would have it, I was engaged to a professional athlete. Little did I know at that time how much his career would influence and impact our lives. It was his trainer who first suggested we change our diets to reach our personal goals. I was hooked, and so encouraged! I learned all that I could about food, nutrition and the effects my food choices had on my health.

About this same time, I trained as a yoga instructor. Yoga gave me a wholistic viewpoint – I started to listen to my body and began to understand firsthand the connection between what was on my plate and how it affected my body’s ability to function. I started to cook most of our meals at home, incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables and scrutinizing food labels. I watched in amazement as my husband had the best season of his NFL career and my sinus infections, cysts and allergies wondrously disappeared.

Certified Holistic Health Coach

With the birth of each of my four children, I became more and more motivated and determined to learn all I could about health, wellness and the healing properties of food. I planted a garden and began to cook what I grew. I had learned so much on my own, but was hungry for more! I completed my holistic health coach certification with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became certified as a Gluten Free Practitioner.

the kitchen

The Heart of My Home

I love my kitchen. It’s my safe place – a quiet retreat, even with all the hustle that moves through it. The kitchen table is the center of my home and is a place of nourishment, conversation and wellness for all who crowd around it. I love to create new seasonal recipes and give them to friends and family. I believe that families connect and grow together through food and I’m determined to provide my clients with the information they need to eat better and form habits that will nourish and set the tone for generations come.


Hear What’s Being Said

As a busy Mom, I am always putting everyone else’s needs ahead of my own. Jackie’s nutrition and lifestyle coaching is helping me stay focused on myself. She is helping me to make better choices so I can live a healthy and clean life. She is my advocate, my guidance, my support and my friend. We are making small changes, setting achievable goals and she holds me accountable in the most gentle, kind and loving way. It’s exactly what I need. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all things concerning “clean living”. She is an Angel in human form, and I absolutely adore her. Can’t recommend her highly enough.


Jackie’s encouragement is infectious and her support is unwavering. She is truly my cheerleader and after every session I feel like Superwoman. She is simply the best!


With Jackie, I am learning that the food I eat contributes to my disposition. My food choices are directly affecting my mood, brain fog, joint inflammation, and sleep. With Jackie I am learning about foods that fuel and balance my body. I am working on understanding my eating habits and being mindful of the choices I am making.


About 10 weeks ago I made the decision to look at my well-being as a whole. For my adult life I have thought of wellness as a gym routine, being a certain weight, and having a certain disposition around others. What I am discovering with Jackie is that my well-being is so much more than that.


To say that working with Jackie and practicing her creative techniques has changed my outlook on overall wellness fails to adequately describe how much she has changed my life for the better. Over the past 20 years, I have equated overall wellness with optimal physical health. I focused on diet and exercise, taking care of my physical body, and succumbed to frequent and debilitating bouts of intense anxiety and less frequent bouts of depression. I often thought “well, that’s just how I am.” My quest for overall wellness changed within weeks of working with Jackie. She quickly noticed how tightly wound my physical practices are to my emotions and showed me how to align my physical and mental wellness. Approximately half-way into the six-month program, I noticed that I felt physically stronger, was consistently less anxious and unable to remember the last time I felt down.


Jackie put my quest to wellness back into my hands without judgment, criticism or a slew of difficult rules that are impossible to follow long term. She taught me that I am in control of my journey and put me on my own personal path. She is transparent, honest and encouraging. These qualities have kept me on this path and I have reached small goals along the way. Just halfway into the program, I achieved so many of these small goals that I unknowingly also reached larger ones. Today, I am more in tune with my body and its connection to my mind. I understand the difference between overall wellness and physical fitness and know how to achieve it. I am in a better place having worked with Jackie and look forward to continuing my journey with her.


What Jackie has done for me is different. She focused on my whole self and my individual needs. She recognized my individual distinctions and innate differences. She put aside popular trends and fads, and focused on my individuality and what it will take for “me” to be well.


Helping You to Achieve Your Health Goals

on your own terms

Everyone needs a guiding hand to succeed: in the gym, on the athletic fields, in our careers. Having a coach makes a journey more successful! Each of us is an individual, and we all know that what works for our neighbor may not work for us! I will tailor a plan for YOU and work with you to bring vibrant good health into your life, starting in your kitchen.

I promise to work with you to create a vision of health for your future and to assist you in making that vision into a reality!

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Your struggle stops here.

Since 2006, I have cooked every meal for my husband and four children. I researched where the food originated, how it was grown, what happened to it between the farm and my kitchen. My desire to empower others to break destructive habits led me to become trained and certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

This is why our mission is, and always will be, to:




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